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Other Question Types

Whilst the materials on this site should provide a firm foundation in the use and construction of CAA materials, not all question types are explained in full. For further examples and question types please see the Blueprint for Computer-assisted Assessment.

Somewhere there is a question that suits your answers...

  • Sore finger questions have been used in language teaching and computer programming, where one word, code or phrase is out of keeping with the rest of a passage. It could be presented as a 'hot spot' or text input type of question.

  • Ranking questions require the student to relate items in a column to one another and can be used to test the knowledge of sequences, order of events, level of gradation.

  • Sequencing questions require the student to position text or graphic objects in a given sequence. These are particularly good for testing methodology.

  • Field simulation questions offer simulations of real problems or exercises.

Other question types require students to identify and/or manipulate images. Students may be asked to plot a graph, complete a matrix, draw a line or build up an image using parts provided.

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