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Matching Questions

Matching items require students to match a series of stems or premises to a response or principle. They consist of a set of directions, a column of statements and a column of responses.

Directions: Column I contains descriptions of geographic characteristics of wind belts. For each statement find the appropriate wind belt in Column II. Record your answer in the appropriate space on the answer sheet. Answers may be used more than once.
Column I
  1. Region of high pressure, calm, and light winds
  2. The belt of calm air nearest the equator.
  3. A wind belt in the northern hemisphere typified by a continual drying wind.
  4. Most of the United States is found in this belt.
Column II
  1. Doldrums
  2. Horse latitudes
  3. Polar easterlies
  4. Prevailing easterlies
  5. Prevailing westerlies

Example from Ron J. McBeath ed. (1992) Instructing and Evaluating Higher Education: A Guidebook for Planning Learning Outcomes (New Jersey: ETP) 207.

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